A Uniform for Nhi

In the summer of 2016, Nhi received some incredible news. After weeks and weeks of studying for her high school exams in Vietnam, Nhi received her test scores. She had done so well that she was invited to attend not just one, but her choice of several high schools for gifted and talented, top-performing students in the country.

As an orphan, this was an absolutely incredible accomplishment. With a good education, Nhi could change the course of her future and escape the clutches of poverty forever. But there was one hurdle — the cost of a $15 uniform.

While it may seem nominal, $15 is a tremendous amount of money for many families living in developing countries. In Vietnam, it is not uncommon for children to drop out of school to begin working at very young ages. The cost of a uniform becomes an even greater barrier.

So when Nhi received a small, wrapped package, she took it with clear curiosity. She politely tore one corner of the paper away to reveal a small piece of cloth. She pulled the paper back and, recognizing the item as the school uniform she needed, her eyes brightened. You could see the relief she felt.

That’s the power of a simple Gift of Hope. It lets a kid be a kid. It lets Nhi continue to dream about what her future might hold.

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